Virtualization Security

Virtualization has become one of the most rapidly evolving and growing technologies of recent years. 

What is Virtualization?

Virtualization refers to the creation of a virtual, rather than the physical version of an IT infrastructure.

What are common types of virtualization?

· Network virtualization
• Server virtualization
• Storage virtualization
• Application virtualization
• Desktop virtualization
• Hardware virtualization

What are the key benefits of Virtualization?

  • Faster Disaster Recovery Time
  • Better Scalability
  • Cost Saving and Space Savings
  • Better Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Partitioning and Isolation
  • Data Center Virtualization will maximization of server capabilities to reducing maintenance and operation costs. Also smaller footprint as a result of lower hardware, energy and manpower requirements

What are the major security risks of virtualization?

Virtualization technology comes with many new or increased risks.

  • Complex infrastructure: Set up is a complicated process, with several different options that need to consider by system and security administrators to ensure operations teams are prepared to manage the new system. 
  • Dynamic design: More applications on a single server mean the opportunities to land an attack are greater, and the damage can be further reaching. 

How to mitigate the virtualization security risks?

  • Having updated cybersecurity plan in place
  • Set up with virtualization experts
  • Maintain it with up-to-the-date patches and overflow management
  • Audit the system with Cyber Security professionals

How Secured Transactions - MJJT can help with your virtualization?

Choose Secured Transactions - MJJT as your partner in virtualization to ensure that you consider all your options, weigh out all the pros and cons, and make the best possible decision for your business’ future. We provide high efficiency and security solution to minimize your IT cost and maximize your business profit. 
  • We are certified with VMWare virtualization technology, including VTSP, VOP, and VSP.
  • We are experts with Microsoft Hyper-V, including planning, setting up and maintenance.
  • We are certified with cybersecurity professionals to create a cybersecurity plan, manage your IT infrastructure and perform IT security Audit. 

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About the Author: Michael Takacs

Michael Takacs is the CEO and co-founder of MJJT Consultants. Mr. Takacs is a certified CSXP (Cyber Security Nexus Practitioner) which endorses him to build, test, and display his ability to be an in-demand cyber security first responder. Mr. Takacs also holds multiple technical certifications from Barracuda Network, VMware, and 3CX, and is a member of ISACA.