Email Security

Do you know 92.4% of malware delivered via email?
Do you know 91 % of all cyberattacks begin with phishing emails?
Do you know a new organization falls victim to ransomware every 14 seconds?
Nearly two in five workers admit to clicking on a link or opening an attachment from a sender they did not recognize.

Most of today’s biggest security breaches can be traced back to just a seemingly harmless email that some unsuspecting employee opened in good faith, unwittingly unleashing a serious attack on the entire company’s IT network. Phishing emails have become the Achilles’ heel of IT security, with more than 92% of unwanted emails containing links which usually go to sites designed for malicious purposes.

Businesses need to afford secure email protection the same priority level as secure data and web browsing. The overwhelming majority, 74% of email messages are spam. Any company that doesn’t have a secure email provider is a sitting duck. Email is a data pipeline out of your company, with confidential data such as client names, employee SSNs, database passwords, and more being sent out into cyberspace on a daily basis. Is it any surprise then, that the service would be such an attractive target for malicious attacks?

Fortunately, there are effective and secure email solutions readily available to businesses of all sizes. We provide end-user email security awareness training to teach your employees how to spot, avoid, and report attacks. We’ll show you how to encrypt your emails, check quarantine emails, and much more. As with all our products and services, we strive to offer you the best possible value so you don’t have to break your budget to keep your company safe. Priced to meet your budget, our secure email service will ensure your company accounts are protected from spam, phishing, ransomware and other threats when hackers and data thieves come calling.

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About the Author: Michael Takacs

Michael Takacs is the CEO and co-founder of MJJT Consultants. Mr. Takacs is a certified CSXP (Cyber Security Nexus Practitioner) which endorses him to build, test, and display his ability to be an in-demand cyber security first responder. Mr. Takacs also holds multiple technical certifications from Barracuda Network, VMware, and 3CX, and is a member of ISACA.