Information Security Governance

What is Information security governance?

Information security governance is a system that directs and controls IT security. This is not the same thing as IT security management, however. IT security management is concerned with making decisions to mitigate risks, while governance determines who is authorized to make those decisions. Generally speaking, governance lays out the accountability framework and provides oversight to ensure that risks are mitigated, while management ensures that controls are implemented to mitigate risks. Management recommends security strategies, but governance ensures that security strategies are aligned with business objectives and consistent with regulations.

Why your organization needs Information security governance?

Your information security governance framework is a critical part of not only your Information System security but also your overall corporate governance. It consists of the leadership, organizational structures, and processes that protect vital information for a successful business. To be successful, it must provide a level of assurance to senior management that critical decisions are not based on faulty information, and simultaneously protect the organization’s reputation with the public, while also providing a firm foundation for effective risk management, process improvement, incident response, and business continuity management.

How to create an effective information security governance?

An effective information security governance structure should be based around four points:
  • A comprehensive information security strategy linked with business objectives, as well as security policies that address each aspect of strategy, controls, and regulation
  • A complete set of standards for each policy to ensure that procedures and guidelines comply with the policy
  • An effective cybersecurity policy, including an organizational structure with sufficient authority and adequate resources to enforce the policy.
  • An institutionalized metrics and monitoring processes to ensure compliance, provide feedback and provide the basis for appropriate management decisions.

This can all get very technical and confusing, but that’s why we’re here to help you through it.
Schedule a consultation and we’ll work with you on creating, improving, or just reviewing your businesses’ information security governance system.

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About the Author: Jenny Jo

Jenny Jo is the president and co-founder of MJJT Consultants. Ms. Jo is a Software Engineer, a Cyber Security Auditor, and an IT Project Manager. She is also a Certified Informatin Security Manager (CISM) which certifies her to audit information systems, as well as design, build, and magage businesses' information security programs.