Big Data Security

What is Big Data?

Big data is larger, more complex data sets, a large volume of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data that has the potential to be mined for information and used in machine learning projects and other advanced analytics applications.

What is a big data security challenge?

  1. Big data has big potential, but also Data Security Concerns.
  2. Enterprises are embracing big data like never before, using powerful analytics to drive decision-making, identify opportunities, and boost performance. But with the massive increase in data usage and consumption comes a whole set of big data security concerns.
  3. One of the biggest challenges facing enterprises is the sense of loss of control over data that comes with utilizing cloud storage providers and third-party data management and analytics solutions. The impact of this is significant, as many regulations hold enterprises accountable for the security of data that may not be in their direct control.
  4. Big data relies heavily on the cloud, but it’s not the cloud alone that creates big data security risks. Applications, particularly third-party applications of unknown pedigree, can easily introduce risks into enterprise networks when their security measures aren’t up to the same standards as established enterprise protocols and data governance policies.

What is Big Data Security?

Big data security is the collective term for all the measures and tools used to guard both the data and analytics processes from attacks, theft, or other malicious activities that could harm or negatively affect them. For companies that operate on the cloud, big data security challenges are multi-faceted.

How to leverage big data’s potential while effectively mitigating big data security risks?

Big data security requires a multi-faceted approach. When it comes to enterprises handling vast amounts of data, both proprietary and obtained via third-party sources, big data security risks become a real concern. A comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to big data security encompasses:
• Visibility into all data access and interactions
• Application control
• Device control and encryption
• Web application and cloud storage control
• Trusted network awareness
• Access and privileged user control

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About the Author: Michael Takacs

Michael Takacs is the CEO and co-founder of MJJT Consultants. Mr. Takacs is a certified CSXP (Cyber Security Nexus Practitioner) which endorses him to build, test, and display his ability to be an in-demand cyber security first responder. Mr. Takacs also holds multiple technical certifications from Barracuda Network, VMware, and 3CX, and is a member of ISACA.