Physical Security

As its name implies, this area of security deals with protecting physical assets. In other words, buildings, property, people. This is the part of the security world that involves bodyguards, fences, and security cameras. Physical security addresses threats from fire and other natural disasters, as well as burglary, vandalism, and even terrorism.
It may not seem obvious at first, but physical security controls are a key part of IT security. While most IT threats are remote, hackers, viruses, etc., physical threats will also pose a danger to your network. Preparing a disaster recovery plan so your network will survive a natural disaster, for example, or ensuring your IT equipment is safe from thieves or vandals would be an important component of both an IT security policy and a physical security policy.
That is why when you schedule a security consultation with us, we strive to include physical security concerns in our evaluation. So you’re getting an IT security consultant and a physical security consultant all in one.

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About the Author: Jenny Jo

Jenny Jo is the president and co-founder of MJJT Consultants. Ms. Jo is a Software Engineer, a Cyber Security Auditor, and an IT Project Manager. She is also a Certified Informatin Security Manager (CISM) which certifies her to audit information systems, as well as design, build, and magage businesses' information security programs.