Small and Medium Sized Businesses

One of the most damaging mistakes a company can make is assuming its size will keep it safe. In other words, that cyber-attacks only happen to large companies and hackers won’t waste their time on them. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Hackers have plenty of incentive to go after smaller fish, even basic employee information can be valuable to them. They know the security systems are generally less sophisticated, and that law enforcement won’t be as incentivized to pursue an attack that doesn’t make the evening news. Every company is a potential target.

That is why it’s vital for every company, regardless of size, to undergo an IT security audit regularly. A cybersecurity audit is an inspection to assess the specific security risks facing your business, and the controls and countermeasures you can adopt to mitigate them. To keep pace with changing technology and new threats, every business, regardless of size, should have a network security audit conducted at least once a year.

We offer a specially designed IT security audit for small and medium-sized businesses. Our team of IT professionals uses a combination of interviews and cutting-edge technology to fully examine any weaknesses, both human and technical, in your system. We will interview your key personnel, conduct vulnerability assessments, catalog existing security policies and controls, and examine IT assets. Schedule an information security audit as soon as you can!

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