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IT Security Products

One of the key necessities to secure your office against cyber attacks and unwanted intruders is having the right appliances. These include appliances such as:

  • Firewall.
    This acts as a barrier between your PC and the Internet. They also prevent unauthorized access to your network and PC.
  • SSL VPN.
    This is a web portal access that uses any standard web browser. It is a mechanism that provides secure communications to your PC and Network.
  • VPN.
    Standing for Virtual Private Network, this is used to provide offices or individual users with secure access to their network and PC(s).
  • Web Security Gateway.
    This utilizes URL filtering, advanced threat defense, legacy malware protection, and application control technologies to defend users from Internet-borne threads and to help enterprises enforce Internet policy compliance.

Check out these IT Security Appliances to protect your network here.

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