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These days wireless networking products are so ubiquitous and inexpensive that just about anyone can set up a WLAN in a matter of minutes with less than $100 worth of equipment. This widespread use of wireless networks means that there may be dozens of potential network intruders lurking within range of your home or office WLAN.

  • Secure your wireless router or access point administration interface
  • Don't broadcast your SSID
  • Enable WPA encryption instead of WEP
  • Remember that WEP is better than nothing
  • Use MAC filtering for access control
  • Reduce your WLAN transmitter power
  • Disable remote administration

Today's Wi-Fi networking products don't always help the situation as configuring their security features can be time-consuming and non-intuitive. WPA is a security technology for Wi-Fi wireless computer networks. WPA improves on the authentication and encryption features of WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy). A variation of WPA designed for use on home networks is called WPA Pre Shared Key or WPA-PSK for short. WPA-PSK is a simplified but still powerful form of WPA.