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Your network is essential to your business. Protect your network and vital data with network management and security from Ultratek.
We can set up, manage and audit network security for any business - small or large. We keep your business free from hackers, worms, Trojans and viruses, and protect your email against SPAM.

And we provide disaster recovery and redundancy to protect against the unthinkable.
We provide the following network security services:


Network monitoring

End-to-end network security assessment

Vulnerability scan

Penetration testing

Authentication and access control

Network intrusion prevention and detection

Confidential data handling

Internal and external scan

Physical security assessment

Tripwire and real time security measures

Firewall – management and design

VPN and managed remote access

Managed proxy/caching/filtering

Web content filtering


Root kit detection

User and password security


We also provide network management services include:


Operating system design and upgrades

Local and remote software installation and configuration

Printer, printer driver and peripheral installation

Wireless technology integration, including switches, range expanders and print servers