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Mobility has spawned an unprecedented growth in application development. There are more than 1 million applications available across platforms such as Apple’s IOS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft’s Windows. As these apps start to access sensitive data and transact business critical operations, questions about their inherent security and privacy posture need to be answered. While a mobile workforce stands to enhance productivity it should not come at the expense of security and privacy. You must understand how and where the app will be connecting to the network. The mobile device has to be connected to the Internet in some way, normally via cellular networks or Wi-Fi. Using a VPN instead of a public, non-encrypted Wi-Fi network will offer additional security. Be very careful how you store and use data. Do not store any sensitive data if it can be avoided. Storing unnecessary data adds to your risk level. Use encrypted data containers, key chain, or secure areas. Use cookies instead of stored passwords and minimize logs. As mobile access and applications grow, however, so do the security challenges.