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IP telephony is also known as Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP. VoIP services work by digitizing audio and transmitting it over an Internet connection. This is opposed to classical landline phones, which create an analog connection between users. This is considerably a new technology that allows telephone calls to be made over the Internet. With new technology, there comes a greater dependence on security.

The evolving risks of such data traveling over an inherently insecure network, combined with firewalls under a constant barrage of malicious traffic, present unique security challenges to protecting data.

Major Risks of Vulnerability:

  • Eavesdropping
  • Identity Spoofing
  • Denial of Service
  • Unwanted Traffic

The most publicized form of attack, denial of service (DoS) attacks is also among the most difficult to completely eliminate. Even among the hacker community, DoS attacks are regarded as trivial and considered bad form because they require so little effort to execute. Still, because of their ease of implementation and potentially sign? Can't damage, DoS attacks deserve special attention

These attacks include the following:

  • TCP SYN Flood
  • Ping of Death
  • UDP fragment? Good
  • ICMP fragment? Good