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Many of today’s biggest security compromises start with a simple email attack that exploits Web vulnerabilities. In fact, more than 92 percent of unwanted emails contain links, often to sites designed for malicious purposes.

To defend against today’s email threats, you need to have Web and data security intelligence, too. If your email security solution doesn't guard against Web attacks and data loss, it's setting you up for a downfall. 74% of all email messages are spam, 92% of malicious emails contain a Web link, 9% of data-stealing attacks occur over email.

Companies that don't have unified security solutions that include Web, Email and Data are sitting targets for costly security attacks. Email is a data-loss pipeline out of your company. One of the top challenges your company faces is a loss of confidential data such as client names, employee SSNs, database passwords, and more. You must have email security that's tightly integrated with your data loss prevention (DLP) technology.

Consequently, organizations must focus on their attention to not only addressing the immediate security threats of the standard mail client from viruses and the like, but they also need to invest in strategies for the control of access to mail data via the internet.