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The biggest problem for the IT Departments at small or large companies is when employees bring their own devices to work. There is no necessity for employees to bring their own devices to the workplace. The problems they can cause to your network purposely or accidentally can be catastrophic for your business. Companies should make sure their network secure from outside devices as well as having a policy for an employee's personal device. It only takes one device, like a smartphone, to connect to your network and disrupt the entire server which causes the Internet to malfunction and leakage of private information.

Reasonable security factors:

  • The sensitivity of the personal information
  • Foreseeability of risks
  • Likelihood of damage
  • Medium and format of the record
  • The potential harm from an incident
  • Cost of preventive measures

Security Measures

  • Determine and limit the type of devices that can be used
  • Implement minimum system requirements and configurations
  • Install security-related software on the device
  • Encrypt company data on the device
  • Apply security patches
  • Monitor the use of the device to detect misuse, hacking or malware
  • Dictate how the device connects to the company’s network
  • Install and update anti-virus software
  • Provide support for the device
  • Obtain/access the device for purposes of an investigation (because the company owns the device).